Centrum Edukacji Liderów
  1. Vision

There is a constant need for developing and growing the next generation leaders for the local congregations of Baptist Union of Poland. The acronym “CEL” in the Polish language means: “goal”. Therefore the goal of this programme is to grow the next generation leaders who may become pastors of Baptist congregations in Poland.


  1. Mission

The vision is being implemented by the CEL Mentors who ought to influence an already existing young leaders who may become pastors in future. This is being achieved through providing opportunities for biblical education and personal development in the area of leadership as well as practical learning. The CEL Mentors should manifest appropriate knowledge and experience in the specific area. The attitude of integrity - being example in an application of biblical principles to others - is particularly important. Mentors are to do a research in the area of leadership development and share the results with others. The CEL should also promote healthy, innovative models of ministry which may be worth following by others.


  1. Principles of conduct

The CEL focuses its attention first of all on the ministry to Baptist Churches in Poland – sharing practical knowledge and experience in practical issues of church life and growth. The CEL functions in two years periods when mentors-coaches meet individually with their mentees. Twice a year all come together for the several day-long conference. The CEL should be approved by the BU Board (Rada Kosciola) and cooperate with the Warsaw Baptist Theological Seminary (WBST) as well as share its reports with the National Baptist Council (Krajowa Konferencja Kościoła).


  1. Nature of CEL

The CEL is NOT a seminary but rather a research centre and consultancy in the area of church growth and leadership development which concentrates its efforts on supporting the mission work of local churches and their pastors/leaders. The CEL should also provide a platform of exchange between theologians and practitioners securing the necessary integrity and balance between both. The CEL is to deal with issues of growth, attempts of explaining problems that hamper growth and propose solutions for practical implementation.


  1. Formula of CEL

The CEL is open to other Evangelical denominations (outside the BUP) in a way that would not to create tensions and avoid involvement in their internal issues.


  1. Cooperation

Collaboration with churches, organizations or individuals who are qualified appropriately with regard to knowledge and practical experience in the area of CEL activity is anticipated.


  1. Partners

The Baptist Union of Poland (BUP), the Warsaw Baptist Theological Seminary (WBST), the Radosc Baptist Center, the Institute ‘Zlote Jablko’, Xtend International and others that understand the need and are ready to cooperate.


  1. Funding

It is reckoned a cost of ca. 160 000 PLN (USD 45 000) during the two years course for the coordination, administration, travel expenses, honorariums, organization of conferences, promotion and publications.


  1. Bank account details

Beneficiary: Rada Okregu Kosciola Chrzescijan Baptystow w RP

Address: Klodnicka 2, 54-218 Wroclaw, Poland


Santander Bank 1 O. Gdansk
Account and SWIFT (USD) no: 32 1090 1098 0000 0001 4793 3602
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